It is the first DeFi platform created to help the environment by sharing the profits of all of us.

Building a DeFi platform to generate sustainable funds, to help the environment. It's a smart and simple way to provide humans and animals with a win-win solution for a better life for both. In this opportunity, we are going to talk to you about the Oceans, the coral reefs, their importance for life and the danger in which they are. It is time to become aware, and help save our planet.

The protection and care of our oceans and seas is essential for the well-being of the new generations. All natural spaces, oceans, forests, deserts, all species of animals, are necessary for a balance in the ecosystem, the seas, forests and all living species have survived since before the age of dinosaurs, and only with the arrival of man began the destruction and extinction of many species, due to pollution, hunting, etc.

That is why SeaSwap is a DeFi platform created to help preserve, protect the environment, donating funds to the main world organizations in charge of protecting the environment.

Imagine the coral disappear? what would happen?

Do you think you can live without the coral reefs, without trees, without animals, we will all die, it would be a disaster, and currently the oceans, and their species, forests and their species, are suffering and are being greatly affected by environmental pollution, we must take awareness and be the change NOW! By joining SeaSwap you are helping to save the planet.

The oceans and seas accumulate 97% of the water on the planet.

Now think: what happens if the water reaches a high level of contamination and all its species die?

We only see 2% of the planet's water in the form of ice, glaciers, (and they are also thawing, due to pollution and climate change) and only 1% is fresh water (rivers, lakes, etc.) and it is also polluted!

So, when reading these numbers (global percentages), it tells us that almost all the water consumed is that of the oceans and this happens through the process of evaporation and precipitation ...

71% of the earth's surface is made up of the Oceans.

¨How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is evident that it should be called Ocean¨ (Arthyr Clarke)

It is now or never, our oceans are full of Hydrocarbons, Wastewater, Plastics and other solid waste.

And all those wastes that we have deposited in our sea, we are going to eat them ourselves. since it is a cycle, the animals eat the waste we eat the animals, imagine the chaos and disaster that we are creating.

Some organizations predict that by 2025 there will be more plastics than fish in the ocean. Coral is a structure made by millions of marine living things of different sizes, called polyps. The colors of corals are very diverse, as are their shapes and sizes.

Corals live in oceans around the world, but they survive best in warm waters.

Many believe that coral reefs are rocks and plants, and that is not the case, Coral reefs are colonial animals, and up to 25% of marine species depend on them (including turtles) and these wonderful species continue to be threatened with extinction in the middle of the century.

climate change, global warming, and human activities are killing coral reefs.

Coral reefs are rich in biodiversity and are very valuable for the ocean and its species, and therefore for the entire planet. they are super ecosystems.

So SeaSwap has been created with the purpose of helping save and preserve our oceans and coral reefs.